The 5 Golden Rules of Success and FOREX Trading!

Hello my friends!

Sofia S. here 🙂

Many of you, have sent me emails asking about how fast can any new trader reach the Level of Doubling his/her Account’s Equity in 4 Weeks.

No matter how many times I answered this question, it seems to remain a mystery to you because nothing is clear in your mind and if nothing is clear in your mind, FOREX will be like a science fiction story’s plot to you. Full of Dark Zones and unexpected outcomes.

Well, I have been there.

And I have BAD NEWS and GOOD NEWS for you.
The BAD NEWS are related to the 5 Golden Rules of Success. You’ve got to follow ALL of them.
If you don’t align yourself with one of the 5 Golden Rules, you’ll fail.

1st Golden Rule : Clarity

Are you crystal clear about your definition of Success? Do you know exactly which are the “metrics” of success to you? Write on a white sheet of paper what success means to you on every aspect of your Life using as much detail as possible. That’s where Goals and Goals-Setting help. It is not a coincidence that 1% of people set Goals. Even fewer write their Goals down and even fewer Review their Goals frequently. And guess what? The ones who set Goals, write them down and review them frequently, are the most wildly successful people.

Why is it important to have Goals? Because setting Goals you are crystal clear about where you want to go.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll get nowhere.
They say if you go nowhere, all roads will take you there.

I don’t know about your personal definition of SUCCESS. Every person has their own.
But your GOALS Pyramid regarding FOREX Trading, should look like the one you see here :

fxholic's goals pyramid

At the bottom of the Pyramid, I have placed your 4 MILESTONES for the next 12 months. You’ll break them into monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Above that level, you’ll see the three milestones for the next 12 months and you’ll break them into monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Then come the two milestones of the next 12 months which again you’ll break into monthly, weekly and daily and this ROADMAP will securely and precisely take you to your BIG GOAL of making your 1st Million eur with FOREX Trading.

Will it take so long? This is totally up to you. Your efforts and commitment may shorten the 12 months down to 6 months but the time-frames I placed there help you get a time-perspective of your Route to Success.

2nd Golden Rule : Desire

Without a strong burning desire to change your Life, to turn upside down anything that now disturbs you, to secure a financial future for yourself and your family, so you can enjoy life without working like a slave building someone else’s dreams, without this desire, you’ll never succeed. Why? Because you’ll settle for your current status. You may feel safer living paycheck to paycheck and hoping your Boss’s Policy will never change and Government’s new laws will never deduct your salaries or increase your taxes. You may feel OK if you never live in the house of your dreams, drive your favorite car, travel the world and enjoy a fulfilling life.

If you don’t DESIRE the beautiful life you deserve, you’ll never have it. FOREX Trading can help you become a Smartphone-Trader. You can be anywhere in the world, doing anything you want and you don’t even need a Laptop to monitor your trades. YES! It’s so cool I can’t describe to you the sense of Power you’ll experience. People around you will be stuck in traffic, run all day up and down inside a Corporate Building, or miss the sun rising and setting because they’re stuck in front of the Computer doing the dull tasks their Boss is paying them for. Most will plan their vacations only when their Bosses will give them permission. But you, a Smartphone-Trader will be at a constant state of Vacations.

But you have to DESIRE to be a Smartphone-Trader.

3rd Golden Rule : Belief

If your SELF-BELIEFS sabotage you, success will never be at your grasp. You will always remain the observer of successful people. Their lives will be full of results , while your life will be full of excuses.

Because you are too old to start FOREX Trading.

Because you are too young and inexperienced to start FOREX Trading.

Because you’re uneducated and it all seems too complicated to you.

Because you work on three jobs to make ends meet and you can’t dedicate time to Trading.

Because you don’t feel smart enough and Trading is for geniuses.

Because you don’t have money to live, let alone fund a Live Account.

Because your spouse thinks FOREX Trading is gambling.

Because……….there are a million reasons you should stay a “NOBODY”….live like a “NOBODY” …..the life of a “NOBODY” …..who will eventually die like a “NOBODY” and …..will soon be forgotten because was….well, just a “NOBODY”

They say “Live Full and Die Empty!”.

That’s the way I want to live. I believe I deserve the best. I believe I can do anything I want, if I really want it.

You must get rid of your “BECAUSE’s” and start doing what you want no matter how hard you have to try. TRY!

Throw all your silly “BECAUSE’S” to the garbage. The greatest Force of Nature is HUMAN! Be a Force of Nature and push yourself towards your goals and your dreams. FOREX can be your vehicle.

4th Golden Rule : Knowledge

Being crystal clear about your goals, having a burning desire to reach them and believing in yourself will not be enough to succeed. There are hundreds of thousands of people who read “self improvement” books, are aware of the power of visualization, dream and believe , believe and dream and pray, but nothing happens. Do you know why? CLARITY, DESIRE and BELIEF are useless without the KNOWLEDGE.
If you don’t invest in yourself and get the knowledge, you’ll never succeed.

KNOWLEDGE will help you DEMO-Trade improving your performance and shortening the time-intervals of the GOALS-Pyramid.

KNOWLEDGE will help you understand your mistakes and handle bad trades so that your Account doesn’t bleed.

KNOWLEDGE will set you apart from the Trading Crowd.

KNOWLEDGE will enable you to be a Smartphone-Trader living the life of your dreams.

FXHOLIC Program gives you the “shinning armor” of KNOWLEDGE . The rest is PRACTICE.

5th Golden Rule : Action

“??? ????? ??? ????? ????? ” Ancient Greeks were saying “Along with Goddess Athena’s help take action”
Your CLARITY, DESIRE, BELIEF and KNOWLEDGE will do nothing for you if you’re staring at the ceiling.

If you are reading this, it means, you probably have Clarity -if not, it’s easy to fix it- , you also have a strong Desire – if not, don’t waste your time with FOREX- , you Believe in Yourself – if not, you must definitely fix it- and you are seeking Knowledge because that’s what my Programs, Signals and Books are about.


The BAD NEWS are that you have to apply ALL 5 Golden Rules in order to succeed.
The GOOD NEWS are that 4 out of 5 Rules depend totally on you and the one that doesn’t depend on you, KNOWLEDGE is something I can definitely help you with.

Now lean a bit closer so I can whisper a little secret to your ear.
The secret to WEALTH is being an owner. Owner of a Business, of Real Estate, of Inventions, of Book of Song of Precious Metals, of ……whatever.

Being an OWNER, you enjoy the superior form of Income, which is PASSIVE INCOME. That means making money while you sleep.

I don’t want you to see FOREX Trading as your ULTIMATE GOAL. PASSIVE INCOME should be your Ultimate Goal. Other vehicles- mainly investment or saving strategies- can take you there in decades (3, 4 or even 7). FOREX Can take you there in years.

What do I mean?

Once you start building a Huge Account with your trading, start investing your CASH to PASSIVE INCOME “COWS”. Secure multiple streams of Passive Income and you’re done 🙂 ……End of secret. Take your ear away ……hahahahahahahaha!

And now, let’s go back to the KNOWLEDGE Factor of Success. When it comes to FOREX Trading, this critical knowledge you have to possess, boils down to a 7 STEPS Checklist. Actually it’s all about doing the rights moves in the right order, which comes naturally to an advanced trader, but is a field of DARK ZONES to a beginner.

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FXHOLIC Program is designed so that it takes a new Trader like you by the hand, helping you understand the basic principles of successful trading, through the implementation of the 7 Steps-Checklist. Once this is mastered, you can reach the skills level of Doubling Your Account’s Equity in 4 Weeks! After that point, sky is the limit for you.

See you inside FXHOLIC!

Sofia S.